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          Service SelectRemote maintenance

          Reliable 24/7 support

          Business success depends on the availability of your means of production. If a technical fault brings your press to a halt, a fast solution is imperative. Remote diagnosis tools have been standard features of all Rapida sheetfed offset presses since 1995.

          Fast & reliable – Increased availability thanks to 24/7 expert support

          You can call our telephone hotline at any time of the night or day. Our remote maintenance experts then use an online link to your press to call up relevant diagnostic, software and control data. In 80% of cases, this first call is already successful. Your press is back in full production without delay – and without a service technician having to be present on site.

          For full cost predictability, choose between standard and premium variants of our remote maintenance contract.

          Brochure Sheetfed Service
          Download PDF, 3 MB
          • Worldwide direct contact by telephone
          • Innovative diagnosis via an online link to the press
          • Fewer service calls by a technician and thus reduced costs
          • Less downtime
          • Gapless fault documentation

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          Hotline - PressSupport 24+49 - (0)351 833 2686
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