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          Sheetfed ServicePress Consum

          Consumables – developed for KBA sheetfed offset presses

          Under the brand name Press Consum, we offer a series of pressroom products of our own. These products were developed specifically for the use on KBA sheetfed offset presses. Our range of PressConsum consumables comprises fountain solutions, powders, coating plates and blankets, as well as cleaners and care products.

          KBA Press Consum products were created to meet the various demands of high-performance sheetfed offset printing and have been optimised specifically for use on our presses. To guarantee a constantly high level of quality and performance, we work together with recognised test institutes, who perform regular quality tests on the individual products.

          All products can be purchased through our webshop.


          • Products optimised for KBA sheetfed offset presses
          • One-stop supplier
          • Tested quality
          • Available directly from the factory
          Do you have questions regarding Press Consum?
          Hotline - PressSupport 24+49 - (0)351 833 2686
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