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          Sheetfed SolutionsPostpress technology

          What makes your print products truly unique? The exceptional print and finishing quality is a major factor, of course. But original refinements and special haptic or visual impressions also catch the eye and stick in the mind. Treat your print products to a stylish finish – and take the lead on the market.

          Sophisticated coatings, brilliant cold foil applications and modern die-cutting options – we help you to shine with innovative Rapida technology.

          Rotary Die-Cutter

          The Rapida RDC 106 stands for ultimate performance in inline die-cutting. Individually tailored die-cutting solutions bring your printed sheets into shape and provide for smooth downstream processing of the final product. Rapida technology makes it possible.

          Rapida RDC 106

          Flatbed Die-Cutters

          Paper, cardboard, plastic foil and corrugated board – with Iberica flatbed die-cutters you can handle a wide range of substrates. Versatile technical solutions and options allow you to configure a tailor-made machine that meets all requirements of your packaging production.

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