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          FlexoEvo XD S/N – The Compact Class

          Printing short run lengths economically

          The Evo XD S/N is a new press concept designed at meeting growing demands for printing short run lengths economically. The CI press equipped with 6 or 8 printing decks stands out through its compact and robust design and a acknowledged high print quality from Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica whilst keeping the capital investment low.

          A raft of new technical features as well as intuitive operation keep makeready times to a minimum and enhance productivity. Wrap-around labels, shrink sleeves, lidding films etc. are printed cost-effectively even in small print runs with the Evo XD S/N.

          Whether film or paper, the dryer especially designed for this press guarantees good results at speeds of up to 350mpm. There are a raft of options available for tailor-made Evo XD S/N press configurations.

          Flexo culture of excellence
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          • Economical press platform for short run lengths
          • Compact design, intuitive operation
          • High print quality even for small investment budgets

          Quality with a small footprint

          Increasing brand diversity and frequent changes in branding lead to shorter run lengths when printing packaging. The economic production of such jobs with older central-cylinder flexo presses that are often too large is only possible to a limited extent.

          The Evo XD S/N is a compact press platform designed to face this new challenge and offers potential for growth with additional products.

          Minimal space requirements, reasonable energy consumption as well as easy operation were key during its design phase. All this naturally coupled with the well-known good print quality from Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica.

          The Evo XD S/N can be equipped with a raft of options designed to reduce waste and makeready times even further whilst enhancing productivity.

          AIF Auto Impression Flexotecnica

          Automatic control of print impression positions AIF with less than 30 metres of material waste assuring a quick and efficient production start-up.

          ARF Automatic Register Flexotecnica

          System to automatically control print registration.

          Speedy Clean

          Auto wash-up system “Speedy Clean” with digital control of all washing cycles from the touch screen.

          Implementing 100% monitoring and inline colour measuring is also possible. The press can also be equipped with radiation-cured drying systems (UV / EB) as an option.



          Printing units 6 8
          max. print width 600 - 1,200 mm -
          Print cylinder repeat max. 800 mm -
          max. web speed 350 m/min -
          Web width 650 - 1,250 mm -
          Colour systems solvent, water, UV, EB -
          AIF - Auto Impression Flexotecnica
          ARF - Auto Register Flexotecnica
          Carbon fibre technology -
          Flexcolour Matching -
          BST eltromat iPQ-View -
          BAR-Code Check iPQ-View Option -
          BST eltromat iPQ-Check -
          Smart Register iPQ-View Option -
          Color-Monitoring iPQ-View Option -
          BST eltromat iPQ-Spectral -
          SSC - Safe Sleeve Change -
          Speedy Clean -
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