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          FlexoEvo XC – The compact CI flexo press

          Profitable short and mid-sized print runs

          The Evo XC is a newly designed high-performance CI flexo press which continues the success story of the well-established Evo model range.

          The 8-color press with one of the smallest footprints in the industry is available in two different versions with a maximum repeat length of up to 850 mm and printing speeds up to 400 m/min.

          Wrapped in the iconic Koenig & Bauer design, traditionally solid machine engineering in combination with the intuitive HMI, completely new dryer concept as well as the latest digital Industry 4.0 features herald a new era in terms of output efficiency, production uptime and operator-friendliness.

          The Evo XC is aimed at flexible packaging printers who are seeking a space-saving solution and considerable energy savings at the same time. This small-sized machine can be a supplementary press to an existing wide-web machine park in order to achieve a new level of cost-efficiency.

          In general, this press represents state-of-the-art technology for newcomers as well as experienced printers (e.g. from the rotogravure industry) who want to enter the CI flexo market in a budget-friendly way.



          Evo XC brochure
          Download PDF, 581 KB
          • Small footprint combined with a sustainable energy-saving package
          • High performance, fast job changeovers
          • User-oriented machine design and smart interface
          • Outstanding printing quality at reduced investment costs
          Printing units 8 8
          max. print width 600 - 1,200 mm 820 - 1,420 mm
          Print cylinder repeat max. 260 - 650 (800) mm 330 - 850 mm
          max. web speed 350 m/min 400 m/min
          Web width 650 - 1,050 mm 850 - 1,450 mm
          Colour systems solvent, water, UV, EB -
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